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Parent & Player Codes of Conduct

Parent Code of Conduct

Soccer is a wonderful sport and a passionate game. We should always remember our attitude is contagious. The other team is our opponent, not our enemy, and thus should be treated with respect.  While winning is important, playing well and fairly is the essence of the game.  In light of this, you, as a parent, agree to set a good example for your child in his/her soccer development by adhering at all times to the following:

  1. I/We will not criticize the referee openly or directly during or after games.  Any criticism shall be done in writing (to my club or the CSA board), not verbally.

  2. I/We will support my child and his/her team by attending all practices and games.  If unable to, I will notify the coach as soon as possible BEFORE the game or practice.

  3. I/We will only give positive feedback to players.

  4. I/We will cheer at all games within the spirit of fair play and shall do our best to cheer the effort regardless of the outcome.

  5. I/We shall do our best to teach our players to become students of the game.

  6. I/We shall show the quality of our sportsmanship during and after each and every match and help our child to remember to thank the referee after the match without regard to the result.

  7. I/We shall do our very best to have our child prepared for every match.

  8. I/We shall support the learning effort of the players, the coaches and the referees by demonstrating patience.

  9. I/We understand that improper behavior at a match may result in a parent being asked to leave the field by the referee, the coach, or a club official, so the coach does not receive a caution or even a dismissal (ejection) due to the actions of the parent spectator.

  10. I/We shall leave the coaching to the coach.

  11. I/We will not second guess the coaching staff. I recognize that negative remarks can be extremely disruptive to the staff, players, and other parents. If there are concerns about specific situations, I will address them in a mature fashion through private discussion with the coaching staff, and/or the program administrators.

  12. I/We understand that (upon review) the CSA board can, and will if necessary, suspend our individual privilege to watch our child play should we behave in a manner that is rude or otherwise offensive.

  13. I/We agree to do our best to have as much fun watching the game as the players should have playing the game.

  14. I/We will place the emotional and physical well-being of my child ahead of a personal desire to win.

  15. If my child develops a behavior-related problem that repeatedly disrupts practices and/or games, I promise to work with my child’s coach to resolve that problem.

  16. I/We will not sit or stand on the coaches’ and players’ sideline during a match, unless invited by the coach.

  17. I/We will demand a soccer environment for my child free of drugs and alcohol, and will refrain from their use at all practices and games.

  18. Neither tobacco nor "vapor" products will be used during activities of the club, regardless of venue.

  19. I/We will remember that the game is for my child and his/her teammates, not for the adults.

  20. I/We agree to watch the videos explaining the Laws of the Game found on the US Soccer website.

  21. I/We understand that if I/we do not honor these codes of conduct, I/we may be asked not to participate until a review is performed and decision rendered.


Player's Code of Conduct

  1. I will attend each practice and game if physically able to do so. I will go even if unable to play so that I may learn through observation and to demonstrate my support of the team.

  2. I will bring a ball and water to each game and practice.

  3. I will be a good teammate. I will not direct negative comments towards other players.  I will help other players learn by being well behaved and by not being disruptive during practices and games.

  4. I will listen to and obey the coach at all times. I will always do my best.  I will not let myself, teammates, or my coach down by a lack of effort.

  5. I will not speak to the referees or linesmen before, during or after a game, unless to THANK them. I will show respect for their decisions by prompt compliance with their requests.

  6. I will control myself on the field even during adverse conditions. I will not get into arguments or fights with opponents because I realize that by doing so, I am hurting my team.

  7. I will watch the videos explaining the Laws of the Game found on the US Soccer website.

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