Board Members & Duties




     Club Relations

     Overall Operations

     *Please contact the appropriate board member FIRST regarding issues.

Vice President

     Scott Sears

     (918) 671-3536

     Games and Disciplinary Chair



     Kristen Day

     (307) 221-1390

     Financial Transparency



     Skylar Potter

     (918) 978-6782

     Registration, Team Formation, & Uniforms


Field Coordinator


     Field and Net Issues

Concessions Coordinator

     Stormi Certain

     (918) 948-2209

     Concession Menu & Volunteer Schedule


Coaches Coordinator

     Cody Busch

     (918) 230-1026

     Player, Parent, and Coach Issues



     Dana Fitzgerald

     (918) 409-2054

     Keeper of Records

This Board has been established for the overall functioning and communication of our program.  As such, we invite anyone to contact a board member with questions and concerns.


Please contact the appropriate person for your need(s).  As a preference, since each board member is a volunteer with "regular" employment and lives outside the club, we ask that, when possible, please send a text message, and we will get back to you as soon as we can.


Thank you!