Frequently Asked Questions


Age Division Birthdates
Due to the new age bracketing going into effect August 1, 2016, age groups are now dependent a player's year based on the upcoming/next spring season's year.


Due to new age group rules, please use the following to determine your player's age division:


(Next Spring's Year) - (Player's Birth Year) = Age Division


Example:  2018 - 2006 = U12



What will I need to buy for my soccer player?

Your Player will need to buy Soccer Cleats (NO TOE CLEAT), Shin Guards, Soccer Ball & Water Jug.


U4 and U6 Players will need to buy Black Shorts and Black Socks to complete their uniforms.

What Size Soccer Ball does my child need?

Size 3 - Players U4, U5, U6, U7 & U8

Size 4 - Players U9, U10, U11 & U12

Size 5 - Players U13 and UP


Where, When & How many practices each week?

Practices are held at the Rodger Berry Soccer Complex on the designated practice fields.  

The coach will determine the time and days for practices.​


Unless parents agree to more frequent or longer practices, practice sessions are limited as follows:

U4 teams once a week for no longer than 60 minutes.

U5-U8 teams twice a week for no longer than 60 minutes.

U9-U14 teams twice a week for no longer than 90 minutes.


When Does Seasons Start & End?​

Spring Season starts the first weekend in March and runs until mid-May.

Fall Seasons starts the first Saturday after Labor Day and runs until mid-November.


Do Players receive any type of Trophy?​

U4 - U6 Players will receive participation awards at the end of season.

U7 - U19 Teams must earn at least 1st or 2nd place in their division to receive trophies.


Will My Child need a Physical?​

CSA does not Require physicals.  However, it is recommended that each player to be cleared by the family physician.


Can my Child Play up or Play down an age Division?​

No Players are allowed to Play Down!

Players cannot play up more than one age division.  For example, an 10 year old can move up to U12, but not U14.  The parents have to submit a Play Up Request Form, which may be requested from the club registrar.